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Vestil Dock Seals

For use with a 8' H x 8' W doors. 36 oz. nylon reinforced vinyl facing has a higher tear strength than equivalent weight hypalon. Chemically sealed ends prevent moisture infiltration. Full height air escape tunnel. Mounted and bonded on durable wolmanized wood. 2" nylon reinforced vinyl guide stripes. Through the wall installation kits included. Three piece construction; top -- 12"H x 114"W x 10" projection; sides -- 96"H x 10" projection with beveled sides with 9.5" at the wall, and 12" at the face. Dock seals overall height are 108"H x 120"W. and Door Openings are 8'H x 8'W. All dock seal and shelters on this page are not returnable. FOB Shipping Point.

  • Combines the advantage of low cost and excellent sealing action.
  • Designed for maximum energy savings with long-lasting features.

Dock Seal Options

  • HD-54OZ - 54oz. facing
  • HD-18H - 18" header
  • HD-12F - 12" flap

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DOCK SEAL ( for 8' wide x 8' high doors)
Product No. Projection Wt. (lbs.)
HD-150-10 10" 230
HD-150-11 11" 242
HD-150-12 12" 253
HD-150-13 13" 265
HD-150-14 14" 276
HD-150-15 15" 288
HD-150-16 16" 299
HD-150-17 17" 311
HD-150-18 18" 322
HD-150-19 19" 334
HD-150-20 20" 345
Product No. Description
HD-54OZ 54 oz. facing
HD-18H 18" header
HD-12F 12" flap